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BUT - my #1 priority is to help YOU make money, so please feel free to contact me at ANY time if you would like help promoting Dirty Dialogue to your customers.

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#1- PLR Autoresponder Course

Email marketing is THE best way to promote an information product.  In fact, it's the primary method for any internet marketer "in the know" and has been for decades.
To maximize your success of promoting the Dirty Dialogue course, you should get your prospects on an email list and send out a series of email messages commonly known as 'autoresponders'.

To help you get started, I've included 9 autoresponders you can use to promote this course:

====> Download The PLR Autoresponders

Inside this folder, I've included specific instructions about how to include these messages in your email campaign.  Feel free to change around the order or edit any of the messages.  I give full permission to use this content in ANY manner to promote the Dirty Dialogue course!


#2- 1 Free Viral PDFs


Use theis viral nugget of gold by adding in your affiliate link (in any PDF editing software) and giving them out any way that you see fit.  Each PDF "Money Magnet" has different purposes and messages behind them:


    1. "Dirty Diva 101: How To Talk Dirty To men" is an inspirational PDF that helps women learn "what to say when talking dirty" to their man – the most common question of all.  This piece of content delivers a sample of what girls will be able to say once going through Dirty Dialogue course.

    • Download This

Each extension of Dirty Dialogue takes some of my best content and uses it to 'presell' the full version of my course.

====> Download Viral PDF

By offering thise PDF, you can provide your list subscribers/web visitors with quality content, while earning a hefty affiliate commission from anyone decides to purchase the full product.  In the testing phase, I've seen almost a 5% conversion rate from people who read the PDFs and click over to my site. 


#3- Dirty Dialogue Text Links

Text links are a great way to promote the Dirty Dialogue course throughout your web content. They get a MUCH higher click-thru rate than banners and do a better job of 'pre-selling' content.

With a text link, you want to discuss the benefit that the reader will receive when he clicks on your affiliate link.

What's great is you can use text links in a lot of different places.  For instance, here are some places where they can be used:

  • In the middle of the content on your webpage.
  • In a forum signature file
  • In an ezine article
  • In an advertisement in your email messages
  • In the P.S. of the personal emails you write
  • In a prominent link on your website

====> Download All 15 Text Links


#4- PPC Keyword List

If you want to quickly advertise the Dirty Dialogue course, the best way to get started is with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) search engines. 

Below I've included a list of 200 keywords which are specific phrases that women use to find solutions to their problems with dirty talk.  Unlike other keyword lists, I've ONLY included phrases that are related to my product.  So you won't find any keyword combinations that don't help earn an affiliate commission.

====> Download Your PPC Keyword List


#5- PLR Article Marketing

Article marketing is the BEST way to market my Dirty Dialogue course for free.  By providing useful content to a prospect, he'll click on your affiliate link and will arrive at the site with a "buying mindset".

Now there is ONE major problem with using the articles that's provided by most products - Duplicate Content!  Almost all article directories have strict rules about submitting previously published articles.  So you won't get any free traffic from these sources if someone else has already listed the article.  Furthermore, most search engine typically ignore pages that has the same content as others.

With this in mind, I'm giving 'Private Label Rights' (PLR) for articles that I've written to promote my course.  Basically PLR is a unique concept where you have permission to take my content, change it around and put YOUR name as the author.  So with these articles, you can promote my course while building your reputation as an authority in the 'dating tips for men' niche.

Before you get started, PLEASE read these rules I have for using these articles:

  • The PLR articles can ONLY be used to promote the Dirty Dialogue course or an email newsletter that recommends this product.

  • To avoid the duplicate content filter, you should change at least 25% of the body and alter the title.

  • If you change any part of the article, you need to put your name in the author area.
  • Please follow all rules and regulations for any directory where you're submitting the articles.

As of today, I'm offering a total of 6 articles.  Here are the ones you can use

====> Download All Articles In .Zip Format

ATTN Super Affiliates: If you have a list and want to work out a mailing arrangement, please email me directly devian(at) and we can work something out!